Other Resources

Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration

The Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration (MPERA) oversees eight different defined benefit (pension) systems that are qualified under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 401(a): PERS; JPORS; HPORS; SRS; GWPORS; MPORS; FURS; VFCA. They also administer the state’s Deferred Compensation Plan. There are over 32,000 active members and almost 21,000 retirees between these systems.

MPERA regularly hosts a variety of webinars to help members plan for retirements.

Montana Teachers' Retirement System

The Montana Teachers’ Retirement System was established by state law in 1937 with an initial enrollment of 3,367 members. As of fiscal year 2019, that number had grown to nearly 20,000 active members and over 16,600 retirees and other benefit recipients.

The TRS is a Defined Benefit Plan qualified under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 401(a). Membership in TRS is compulsory for all K-12 public educators, except for persons teaching fewer than thirty days in each fiscal year.

TRS has produced informational webinars for members to plan for retirement, and also has helpful FAQs on pensions.

National Institute on Retirement Security

The National Institute on Retirement Security is a non-profit research and education organization established to contribute to informed policymaking by fostering a deep understanding of the value of retirement security to employees, employers, and the economy as a whole.

National Public Pension Coalition

Since 2007, the National Public Pension Coalition — representing millions of teachers, nurses, police, firefighters and other public sector employees — has worked to protect the financial security of working families who rely on public pensions.

NPPC believes every American should be able to retire in dignity. We also know that there is no one more interested in strengthening the public pensions system than the public employees who are counting on pensions to retire. After all, public pensions are the only source of retirement for 30% of public employees since they do not receive Social Security. Pension plans also play a vital role in decreasing poverty among older Americans, according to the National Institute for Retirement Security.

Across the country, public employees — who have faithfully contributed their life savings into the pensions systems — are at the mercy of public officials unfairly targeting their financial security for political gain. The NPPC is working to preserve the financial security of all workers for generations to come.